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What we do

International business consulting

Different countries have different rules and regulation when it comes to establishment of business. Establishing a business abroad can be a complex task. Ascentaz possess the ability to guide its clients through complex regulations and policies of a local country and it has been delivering results at consistent level.

Thorough Analysis of Market

Lack of knowledge of a foreign territory and its demographics can hamper the growth objectives of any business.  Ascentaz provides its clients with the latest opportunities, insights and perspectives which enables the clients to attain speedy growth with optimum utilization of their in-hand resources.  

Strategies for expansion

Ascentaz is always focused on finding the gap between the demand and the products & services in the local economies. We provide numerous expansion plans and opportunities to our clients that are focused on the growing needs of the developing economies.

Marketing in foreign territory

Ascentaz has been helping various organizations whether big or small, to efficiently carry out their marketing campaigns in different countries around the globe. We have been carrying out the tasks of making the right channel partners, distributors, sales teams etc for different organizations.

Communication with foreign stakeholders

In a foreign territory, Establishing an initial level of contact with stakeholders is the key to success for any business. A business may have the right product or services for a developing country but getting the word out to the right individuals or organizations can be a complicated task. 

Outsourcing services

Any organization would want to focus on its core business and leave all the worries on outsourcing specialists. Ascentaz has been undertaking outsourcing contracts with its clients. We are specialists when it comes functions like Staffing, Payroll, Recruitment,Accounting, Marketing and Sales.


People from different countries and cultures possess different style of negotiations. If an organization is not familier with local ways of negotiating, it can lead to a loss of opportunity or business. We have an in-house team of skilled negotiators who negotiate a number of deals on behalf of our clients with an objective of cost saving.

Sourcing – overseas and domestic

Sourcing overseas refers to buying the needed products and services from foreign vendors and domestic sourcing is buying them from the local vendors. In the past decade, Ascentaz indulged in both overseas as well as domestic sourcing with Asian and African organizations.

Localizing with the land

This is also an important aspect of international business expansion. Embracing the local culture and traditions determines success of any foreign organization in a local land. We have witnessed mammoth organizations like Mcdonalds, Toyota, Levis etc adopting to the local cultures in their marketing campaigns. Ascentaz realize the importance of embracing foreign culture in business and has been helping its clients with the same in an effective way.


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