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Initial Step

  • You consult our team for EB5 visa program.
  • Our team will provide you the best EB-5 Lawyer or you can choose one of your choice.
  • The lawyer will discuss the immigration case with the interested client.
  • At here the candidate needs to explain the source of fund which they are going to invest.
  • Our team will reviews the documents and will provide the required help in application processing .
  • Our experienced team will process the documents for the next process.


Decisional Step

  • Now the time is to decide in which project the potential investor are going to invest.
  • Complete check must be done by the investor before signing the legal Documents.
  • With this the investor need to pay the money and the associated fees of the bank.
  • Funds are transferred into the bank which is related to the project.


Final Step of Success

  • The Lawyer works with the government organization to get the initial green card application form for the qualified investor and family.
  • The applicant and family will get conditional green card for 2 years and now they can move to USA with green card valid for 2 years.
  • After this, the final application (i-829) needs to be filled with in 3 months of expiration of the conditional green card.
  • The lawyer needs to file the application for i-829 form on behalf of the investor.
  • Once the permanent green card is issued the investor have an option to obtain the citizen ship of the country.
  • And after this they can be the lawful citizen of the economy.
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