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Canada Immigration

Why Canada is an attractive immigration destination?

Growing economy

Canada has a huge land and a growing economy. There are a number of large provinces in Canada which lacks substantial population to support their rapidly expanding economy. Canada is a booming economy and has no shortage of jobs. It wants to take economic advantage of its natural resources but it doesn’t have the manpower. Hence, Canada wants people from around the world to immigrate to the country.

Civil rights

This is one of the significant reasons why so many people from around the world want to migrate to Canada. As a Permanent resident of Canada, you will get access to all the rights and privileges which are there for Canadian citizens and after 3 years of PR, you can get Canadian citizenship.

Free healthcare

Canada offers world-class healthcare facilities to its permanent residents and citizens. Healthcare facilities offered to permanent residents are equivalent to what citizens of Canada avail. Canada offers free healthcare which is there in United States. Another great thing about Canadian healthcare is the inclusion of family members, i.e you and your family members can avail the benefits of Canadian free healthcare system.

Free Education

Canada has one of the most coveted education systems in the world. Residents of different countries around the world apply for Canadian Universities. Permanent Resident can get free education up to high school in Canada. It also applies for your children. They can avail free education up to graduation in world class universities and colleges.

Natural Beauty

Canada is one of the most beautiful countries around the world with serene lakes, beaches, ice covered mountains and glaciers, exotic wildlife and national parks that are spread across Rocky Mountains. The air of Canada is much cleaner and less populated than other industrialized nations.

Presence of Indian community

There is a considerable Indian presence in India. There are people of Indian origin and indian migrants already working in Canada. This is a factor which makes moving to Canada far easier for Indian citizens as they get initial help from already settled Indian community and there are almost no cases of racial discrimination.


Express Entry

Canadian government initiated a new immigration program for skilled migrants on January 01, 2015. Canadian government and officials select skilled people for permanent residence who can fulfill the manpower gap in the Canadian economy. This program allows people from different professions and skills to apply for Canadian PR program. They need to answer different types of questions regarding their skills, profession, current job, family etc. Their details are then matched with manpower requirement of different states in Canada. If the authorities find a profile suitable, then they offer express entry to that individual with allocation of points. It takes six months or less for the applications to be processed. There is a new system in place which is called CRS system. Comprehensive resource system takes into account several factors like age, job, profession, skills, language proficiency, education etc. As per the information provided by the candidates, CRS determines the candidate’s score. The high scoring candidates can apply for PR under this program.

Investor program

Canada is inviting people with resources to invest in their economy through means of business. A Canadian state, British Columbia has initiated a plan wherein they are offering permanent residence in exchange of investment for foreign nationals. The sole objective to encourage these investments by foreign citizens is to promote local employment and economic growth. It will allow the individual investing in Canada to settle along with their family. The need to fulfill certain criteria before they qualify for investment i.e.:
  • A person must have at least 4 years of managerial position experience or 3 years of business owner experience in the last 5 years.
  • The net worth of the person must be CAD 300,000 and investment CAD 100,000.
  • Age is not a limit in this case.
  • He/she shall have cleared IELTS with a score of 4.
  • The net worth of the person must be CAD 600,000 AND investment CAD 200,000.
  • No Age Limit is there.
  • IELTS is not required in this case.


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