Our Company

Ascentaz Consulting was originally the business consulting vertical of Acreaty Management Consultants Pvt Ltd. Acreaty was set up in 2001 to provide support to clients in recruitment, outsourcing and training needs. In more than a decade of existence, it has delivered business solutions to a variety of multinational and domestic clients across industry segments.

Our Vision:

To be trusted partners for Indian businesses to realize their true potential as world class organizations and assist International brands to be amongst the most adored in India.

Our Mission:

At Ascentaz, we provide robust know-how and professional management support :
• To assist our clients in achieving their goals through sound business strategy
• And partner with them in order to ensure flawless execution

Othe Brand Mark

The four nodes in the brand mark represent the Indus constellation. They stand for ascent and knowledge, simultaneously speaking of the brand’s strong India credentials.
The nodes are joined in hand-drawn strokes, each pair of joined nodes representing connection and collaboration.
Taken together, the brand mark resembles the head of a neuron, the building block of the body’s nervous system and vital component in determining how a being perceives, responds to and engages with the world.


The copper highlight reflects the warmth, energy and innovation that characterizes the brand.
Violet, the base colour, stands for imagination and inspiration.
A combination of blue and red, it introduces new dimensions to both, bringing the red colour’s practicality, energy and action to the calm, meditative nature of blue.

Lines, Strokes & Fonts

The brand mark is hand drawn, and is therefore completely unique without losing its essentially simple nature.
The strong, solid sans serif font exudes confidence, transparency and modernity.