Fuel imports in Uganda reveal margin hit of 85 million litres

Uganda’s fuel imports as of mid-September were 85m litres, with demand growing at 7% per annum, the energy ministry has said. While briefing parliament on Tuesday, energy minister Irene Muloni said the 85m litres comprised of 34.6m litres of petrol, 42.5m litres of diesel, and 2.6m litres of kerosene. Jet fuel imports stood at 5m.. read more →

South African Supermarket sector fairly overcome the Downswing

South Africa has been rocked by news that it has slipped into a recession after its GDP declined 0.7% during the first quarter of 2017. Economic activity contracted over varied sectors, including construction, transport and manufacturing. However, few sectors made a positive contribution to output growth. The decreased market activity will likely see various SA.. read more →

Ghanaian Cocoa Sector: The Driver of Country’s Global Reputation

We cannot think of Ghana without thinking of its cocoa beans, which offers a source of income for over 700,000 farmers in the tropical belt of the country. Ghana is the 2nd largest cocoa exporter in the world. Ghanaian cocoa is well-known for its superior quality due to less defective cocoa beans, higher-than average fat.. read more →

Agriculture sector – Key driver for economic turnaround in Zimbabwe

Despite various challenges, Zimbabwe’s agriculture economy is producing new economic activity because it is more rooted following land reform. Research and study shows, while economic linkages generated by agriculture bring opportunities, the distribution of benefits is patchy; some succeed and are accumulating, while others are not. There are several challenges ahead accompanying with agricultural production… read more →

What are Ghana’s prospects on the Global coffee production market?

Ghana is one of the fastest growing and most promising economies in Sub-Saharan Africa. The country offers the utmost opportunities for consumer goods companies globally. Coffee is an important agricultural commodity, second only to oil in the Global trade. In Africa, about 33 million populations directly depend on coffee for their source of revenue and.. read more →

ACREATY Explores Business Opportunities between India & Namibia (Africa)

Mr. Paramjit Anand (Executive Director, ACREATY – (India| USA| UAE| Africa) ) met with the Namibian Hon. Prime Minister Dr. Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila & other senior officials at #Windhoek, #Namibia (#AFRICA)… #ACREATY explored innovative future implementations in Namibia & overall Africa continent to empower the youth & also discussed on promising business opportunities between two nations.. read more →